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This is what REALLY makes the Airbike go !
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09-19-2020 Added Shrinking AirBike Article
02-17-2020  Added Last Flight 2019 article
01-05-2020 Added Innovation Showcase at AirVenture 2019
10-05-19  Added National Biplane Fly-In 2019 article on Powered Sport Flying
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Animation by John P. Fiebich
Valley Center, Ks
Make a Smoke System
Revised (12-18-08 )
Bombing Mission (A story)
Going places, sharing information
and having fun flying my AirBike!!
Being Afraid (A story)
Disclaimer: This website was created, written and posted purely for the entertainment and education of myself
and my viewers.  I am completely responsible for its content; having compiled this information from my own
sources and my personal experiences.  I believe this information to be correct, however don't take it as absolute
truth as I could have made errors.  Anyone using the information presented here accepts full responsibility for
any consequence of that use, real or imagined.
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Broken Longeron Repair
In-Flight Emergency!
Bing Carburetor
Spring Retainer
Instrument Panel
Ignition Lock
AirBike Down! (Spring '04)
Decorative Wheel Covers
Derby Area Aerial Photos
October Glider Flight
AirVenture '05
Rudder Pedal Modification
Gathering of Eagles 2007
Read the full version in EAA Sport Pilot magazine, November
2007 page 26.
Or click here for scanned article, includes different photos and
more humor than in above panel.
More Air-Bike Flying Fun !!
(Formation Flying)
Hangar Project
All Kansas Air Tour
Wingtip Camera Photos
Click here for new smoke photos and links!
Tulsa Regional & Alva Flight Festival '07
Ponca City Breakfast Flight Nov. '08
Hun Hunting flight report & Photos
Anti-Collision Light Installation
Beaumont Breakfast '09
Hangar Rash
Click text or  photo for story
Transition Flight in Kansas
Send Paul an
Liberal, Kansas Flight
October 2010
Turning Leaf Fly-in
October 30, 2010
January Thaw---01-29-11
YouTube slide show of my Airbike
Trip to AirVenture 2009 with audio
2011 Gathering of Eagles Fly-In
Pacific Flyer magazine
credit on page 5
Late Afternoon Flight
November 06-2011
2011 AirBike Calendar
Stearman Bar  & Grill Flight
December 30, 2011
Cable Repair
Defending the Western Front
AirBike Tube Repair
Magazine Article
Breakfast Flight to
Ponca City, OK
Spring 2014
Website Revision Log
at AirVenture 2014
AirBike Music Video
Click link or photo
The sign says it all !!
Gage, OK Flight
"You picked a fine time to  
leave me Loose Wheel"
Mission: Gage, Oklahoma
AirBike gathering!
AirVenture Experience 2018
Gardening VS
Flying Article
Off Airport
Fly-in 2017
Facebook Page
for AirBike Ace
2019 National Biplane Fly-In
Article on page 26
Innovation Showcase at
EAA AirVenture 2019
Shrinking AirBike Article
In Work
Shrinking AirBike Article 2020