One Thousand Hours

Total Time Air Frame

AirBike NX61453
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 was a milestone in my AirBike aviating
career.  I want to share my achievement with you.
Following Tuesday's afternoon flight, my AirBike's accumulated flight time reached
1000 hours total time! That is an average of 60 flying hours per year over the last
16-1/2 years!  And I have the calluses on my rear to prove it!
Never in my wildest dreams upon finishing my AirBike in 1998 did I ever think that
my life would be changed like it has been. Flying my AirBike started me on a path
that opened up an entirely new world. One of the best ways to share my
experiences was via this website.
At the time, it was impossible to realize how
much fun flying would be, how many places my
little plane would take me, how many new
friends I would make.  The places I traveled to
were as exciting as the thrill of flying there.

Flying situations challenged my
decision-making and led me to a level of
self-confidence I had not known. Additionally,
the satisfaction of planing and accomplishing
long multi-day cross-country trips, being a
forum speaker at AirVenture and eventually
entering the new horizons of publishing
magazine articles and photographs were all
extensions of flying and a way to share those

None of that would have happened if I
didn't have my AirBike.
Thanks to all of you for being a part of my life these past 16 years. Our
community of light plane aviators around the world provides a wonderful
support system. It is fun sharing experiences with people who have the
same passion. I also appreciate those of you who log in just to
vicariously experience my flying activities. Welcome aboard!

Rock on!    Fly for fun!    God, I love this flying stuff!

It has been an amazing ride!

Paul D. Fiebich
a.k.a. AirBike Ace
Thanks to Dick Rake, an aviator,
member of the Lonesome Buzzards
Board, and avid stamp collector for
making this replica postage stamp
to commemorate my achievement!