AirVenture '05
(A 1500 mile AirBike adventure)
Everyone needs to make "The Trip" whether it
be in H.S., college or as adult.  It is something
that just must be satisfied, perhaps it is a "guy
thing".  I've yearned to make this trip for a
long time, early this spring I decided to make it
happen this year.

The photographic journal that follows will let
you enjoy some of the same things I did, and
perhaps inspire you to make "Your Trip" in '06.
The first "Main Gate" at AirVenture, there are
about five entrances.  There is something
nostalgic about this sign, perhaps because I
first saw it in the late '70's during my initial
auto camping trip here with my three sons.
Advance planning was the heart of my
trip: NOTAMS, charts, fuel stops,
lodging, equipment/clothing lists, etc.,
Calculating for 100 miles between fuel stops
resulted in my making 16 of them throughout
this trip.  Two hours is about as long as my
fanny could take being strapped in one place.
Emporia, Kansas
I thought you'd like this photo, neat isn't it?  It is
someplace over Iowa still enroute to Oshkosh, WI.  
This is what open cockpit flying is all about!
AirBike Ace, cool as a cucumber at
3,500' & flying along in comfort. Does
this look like a "Happy Camper"?
The countryside from 2,000' AGL is absolutely beautiful!  You can even smell the
new mown hay,  bar-b-q smoke and see folks working in the fields.  Notice the
artwork scrolls in the photo at the left.
Thanks to the good folks at this EAA Chapter
In West Bend, WI., I  had lodging and food for
the night.  In the AM I left for Oshkosh!
This it it, entering the ultralight pattern at
highway 26 and U.S. 44!  The NOTAM says
stay at 300' AGL to avoid overhead traffic
entering rwy 36.  I did!!