Anti-Collision Lights
(Another AirBike Modification)
Among several reasons for making modifications to my plane, one is to increase safety.
Most of my flying is in the Wichita,
Kansas metropolitan area and
surrounding communities that have lots
of air traffic from the three major
airports of McConnell AFB,
Mid-Continent Airprt and Jabara

Additionally there are runways from
the aircraft companies, numerous small
town airports and a host of private
grass fields that add to the air traffic

It is neat to see other planes while I am
flying and I like to be seen  by them.
The goal of this project article is to install the anti-collision light in
each wingtip immediately forward of the navigation light as shown
Typically when flying my slow-moving AirBike, I fly with the
plane's white tail mounted strobe flashing and the headlight
turned on to improve my visibility.  It is surprising how
quickly a Beechcraft King Air or Cessna single engine
propeller driven test plane can invade my field of view.  
Consequently, my head is constantly on a swivel when flying
in the Wichita area.
I have never had a problem avoiding other aircraft but always felt there were additional measures I
could take to improve my visibility.  Recently an opportunity presented itself when a friend gave me
two personal emergency strobe lights such as those worn by prepared people in distress situations.

The descriptions and photos below explain how I adapted two personal emergency strobe lights
into my plane's wingtips to act as anti-collision lights.  You can do the same with a couple hours of
work and less than $60 of components. The first photo shows the modified and assembled unit.
Powered by a single D-sized
battery, this personal strobe is
claimed to provide continuous
operation for 48 hours and be
visible for three miles.  It can be
purchased online from either of
these two sites:

1) Landfall Company at
  selling strobe P/N #SESO1 for $25 each

2) and click on
Radios, Flashlights & Power.  It
sells theirs for $17.00.

It may be available at your local
sporting goods store also, it is worth
checking it out.
This exploded view shows all the parts that
comprise the total unit:  single-throw,
single-pole toggle switch (from Radio Shack),
24" of wire, strobe unit and battery.
Page 2
Modified stock personal emergency strobe light.
Tail mounted strobe is hard wired
into the generator.  It is always on.