Repairing Frayed Cable End

Cable wrapped around a  thimble and sticking beyond the sleeve may fray
if unprotected or the original heat-shrink tubing deteriorates.  This results
in a safety hazard for either catching clothing or poking skin when
working around it.  To remedy the situation, wrap it for about an inch with
.020 or .032 safety wire, then coat  the wrapped wire with JB Weld.  The
photos below describe the process.
Example of a frayed cable end after the
previously protective heat shrink tubing failed.
18" length of .032 safety wire bent to
shape to begin wrapping over frayed
cable. .020 safety wire is easier to wrap
but requires a length of about 24”
which may be awkward.
Position safety wire as shown and wrap
away from sleeve. Hold safety wire against
cable with  pliers.
Tightly wrap safety wire around cable and pass loose end through the loop.
Pull other wire towards sleeve with pliers to pull loop under the coils and
mechanically secure it. Any loose coils will tighten up.
When wrapping and pulling is complete,
cut off the wire ends. Cut sleeve end close
to first coil, cut loop end about 1/8" from
the last coil.
Crimp loop-end wire to mechanically secure it
Finished repair of frayed cable.
Wrapped safety wire secures the
frayed cable end while JB Weld
provides a smooth protective coating
eliminating the safety hazard.
Finally, apply JB Kwik Weld over the safety wire to secure it
and provide a smooth protective covering.
I hope you found this tip to be useful.