AirBike Down !!
Sometimes the Huns Win!
Score: AirBike = 5, Huns = 1
Landing gear absorbed all the
impact then collapsed upon hitting
toaster-sized rocks during the
landing roll-out.  AirBike Ace was
Gear leg is supposed to be
straight and not rotated aft!
AirBike resting on the trailer
used to retrieve the plane
from the SE Kansas Flint
Hills area
Paul securing a wing to the
specially made wing cradle
mounted on the trailer.
Ready for the 45 mile trip from the
Cambridge, KS site of the forced landing
to my aerodrome in Derby, KS. The
fuselage had been transported earlier.
Up on blocks, the re-assembly process
begins.  Fortunately, the prop stopped
almost horizontally after shutting off
the engine just prior to the "wheels up"
landing and was not damaged..
Replacement gear legs, wheels, tires
and brakes are from a Rans S-12
I salvaged several years ago.
This is what my AirBike looked like a
month prior to the ill-fated flight, it will
soon look like this again less star pattern
wheel covers.
A better view of what the gear
legs used to look like.
After flying at 5500 rpm for 35 minutes the engine suddenly lost power dropping to less than 4500
rpm.  By "working" the throttle I could keep it running but not achieve an rpm that would sustain
altitude.  Gradually I lost altitude while trying to reach a known sod private airstrip 10 miles away. I
didn't make it.

Subsequent inspection while the engine was ground tested revealed air leaks in the fuel line fittings
from the wing tanks.  I replaced the hose clamps with safety wire; fuel lines immediately filled with
fuel.  Also discovered the fuel filter was plugged as fuel would barely drip through it.  Engine runs
fine now.
Engine Problem Summary
E-Mail Paul
Posted 05/10/05
This was a GOOD landing.  Had it
been a
GREAT landing,I could have
used the plane again right away!!
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