AirBike Ace makes it on the cover of
the Australian magazine Pacific Flyer!
This is a personal first, it blew me away
when the magazine arrived in the mailbox!
After many years of writing articles for aviation magazines, I finally earned a spot on the
cover of Australia's Pacific Flyer magazine!  This is obviously a big deal for me. Credit for
this in great part, goes to my flying friend Brent Boggs who snapped the fantastic photo!  
He was flying his PPC as I flew towards and under him at some distance.  His telephoto
lens and high resolution camera permitted this highly cropped image.

This is a first for both of us!  Brent is often credited with photos in my articles, he outdid
himself on this one.  Thanks for the action photo Brent!

This article is one of my more whimsical ones describing the ongoing battle between our
imaginary foe, the Huns, and the three AirBike pilots who defend the Selby Aerodrome on
the Western Front in France (actually Haysville, Kansas). So, be tolerant of the whimsy
and enjoy the story and photos.  We all fly for fun and this is how we do it.