Hun Hunting
(the continuing saga of AirBikers keeping
French soil free from invading Huns)
Warning words from the French Undergound reached Selby Aerodrome stating that the Huns were
digging in on the northern border of Valley Center pending a surprise attack to overun the Highpoint
Airfield.  It is vital for us to defend this airfield; the launching point for the Allied aircraft during sorties to
the Eastern Front.  It must be protected at all costs!
The message was discretely relayed to AirBike Ace who
was in a French Bistro sipping Chardonnay wine while
entertaining the gentler sex.  Catching a ride on a
smoking,  backfiring motorcycle he arrived at the
aerodrome and prepared his plane the "Hun Hunter" for

Once fueled and loaded with bombs and ammo he
taxied out to the airfield where he aimed his fragile and
heavily laden airplane into the wind.
Flying less than 300' he nimbly weaved his way north
while following the Big Ditch that wound its way
around Wichita's western border.  At times his plane
was below the building tops which provided cover
and he was occasionally so low that his wheels
sprayed water from the Arkansas River.

It was later learned that radio contact had been made
to the old Kansas Aviation Musem's tower recently
captured by the Huns but they were to far away to
launch an effective defense which would have aided
their northern comrades.
Two other defenders joined AirBike Ace when he landed
at the Highpoint Airfield 20 minutes later.  "
Ace of the
e" Doug Moler with his AirBike and "SkyRanger"
Dwayne Life.  With much arm waving and wild gesturing
the pilots fitted their helmets, goggles, scarves, cocked
their Lewis machine guns and boarded their aircraft.

Radio silence would be maintained, a situation enabled
by only one plane having a working radio, one had had
no radio and the third could only transmit static.  Hand
gestures and watching  ground shadows would be used
to direct the attack.
Ace of the Base, Doug Moler fuels up his
Engines were started, belched smoke and the planes took off in rapid sequence.  Doug's mistress,
shapely Sabrina with silk hanky in  hand, closed the hangar doors then waved while blowing kisses to
each departing  pilot wishing them Godspeed and a safe return knowing that it was at best a wish..
Dwayne, seated in the Sky
Ranger's cockpit secures his
seat belt & shoulder harness
before donning his headset.

Dwayne, a builder of 5 light
aircraft, at age 80 is the oldest
pilot in our squadron and
frequently flies top cover
allowing the AirBikers to do
their work without being
concerned about their Six
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The venerable AirBike Ace
pulls on his leather gloves in
preparation for boarding his
aircraft to do battle with the
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