Downward view showing splice
welds, plate welds and cross tube.
After 385 airframe hours,
the welded tailwheel
attach assembly broke.  
Failure occurred while
taxiing for takeoff.

The tail dropped and I had
no rudder control.  Field
inspection showed the
tailwheel pushed up to the
bottom of the rudder and
this assembly was resting
on the ground.
Grime indicates that the tail-post tube
broke first which then overstressed
the longerons.  They broke several
weeks later during taxi.
Broken tube assembly removed.
The planned repair illustrated by this sketch was
closely followed during the actual repair.
Splice tubes in position for welding
Upward view showing plate onto which a
future flat tailwheel spring will be mounted.
Aft view
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Within five days of the
break, I was airborne
again.  Have since put
77hours on this reapir
bringing the total airframe
hours to 462 as of