Turning  Leaf Fly-in 2010

Hosted by Doug & Sabrina Moler
Highpoint airport, Valley Center, Kansa
Doug Moler's third annual ultralight fly-in, (first annual to be identified as the "Turning Leaf") held at Highpoint
((3K55) October 30th, brought those birds out of the woodwork plus some of the "heavy iron".  It  was even
cause for a temporary truce between the Huns, and the Brits, French and Americans. Note in the photos that
a Hun and the Hun-hunters are parked side by side.  Actually it was part of the truce, that way our guns
would not be aimed at each other and neither would take a sneaky shot!
Warbird Lineup: Dick Curtis' Fokker DR-1, Paul Fiebich's AirBike, Mike Hilderbrand's Sonnex
positioned so their guns don't accidentally shoot at each other.
Small planes swarmed  in from Cook Field
(Hart's Coyote II, Mike's Coyote II, and
Hilderbrand's Sonnex), from Cherokee Strip
(Girard's Kolb, Geide's Geide Hawk), Selby
Aerodrome (Fiebich's AirBike, FitzGerald's
Quicksilver), Miles Field (Curtis' Fokker DR-I)
plus an  assortment of Pipers, Rans, an
Interstate, a Cessna's, a Champ, two
Bonanzas, several from the host airfield and a
few more that escape my mind.  

As many as 18 airplanes were on the  field at
once although many others came and went. All
joined the afternoon of food, friendship,
constant flying and ride-giving.
Fokker DR-1 fast taxiing following touchdown
Doug and wife Sabrina supplied the majority of food for Bar-B-Quing and liquid refreshments with
everyone bringing their speciality dishes such as home made chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie,
cranberry cobbler, potato salads, etc.  Bowls of Halloween candy were placed in several locations.  
Gerry Sibley makes a high speed pass in his BT-13, the
prop tip noise rattled nearby residential windows and echoed
off the metal hangars.
Knowing I was near enemy territory I wanted to follow up on a hunch regarding a new Hun plane about to join
the fray.  With the engine shut off and gliding silently, I landing softly on Neil Wretberg's sod strip and coasted
to a stop where I hid behind some pine trees.  Sneaking into a hangar I spotted a brand new scale replica of
a Fokker D VII.  Attempting to frighten people away, Neil had positioned a cardboard cutout "scarecrow" of
himself in the hangar next to the plane. I took several espionage photos then scrambled away. We may soon
see more of this aerial weapon in our gunsights!
Powered by a 377 Rotax engine, Neil expects to be
airborne and in fighting form by the spring of 2011.  
That is, once numerous detail items and the weight &
balance is completed
The plane is real, the cardboard "scarecrow" cutout
isn't.  This plans-built (and modified) plane is the result
of almost ten years of enjoyable construction.
Three kinds of brauts,  various chips, salads, deserts
and liquid refreshments were available.  
Pivoting on one wheel, Dick Curtis spins his Fokker
DR-1 into its parking position.
Doug & Sabrina's pristine hangar made an ideal
socializing area
Preparing to hand prop his self-designed and built
Geide Hawk,  Dick sets his mixture, choke, and ignition
before departing for his fly-by flight.   
Paul's AirBike on landing roll following arrival fly-by smoke pass.
As the saying  goes, "all  had a good (actually GRAND) time". The pilots had as much fun flying, giving rides
and smoking up the place as did those ground-pounders who watched. These are the events we look
forward to, enjoy while they are taking place, and exaggerate when reliving the memories via photos and
subsequent hangar talk.
AirBike Ace exits his plane and draws himself up to full height.
Brian FitzGerald photo
Brian FitzGerald photo
Brian FitzGerald photo
Brian FitzGerald photo
All photos by Paul D. Fiebich
unless so noted