How to make a
1. Automotive windshield washer reservoir with built-in pump.
2. About three feet of rubber tubing, 1/8" I.D. fuel line.
3. Toggle switch and hook-up wire.
4. In-line fuel shut-off valve.
5. Metal "nozzle" (hardware store item or make something, see below) to insert in
the exhaust pipe and attach the tubing to.

1. Install the reservoir easily filled.  I take mine out to fill it but you could use a
siphon tube to transfer smoke oil
2. Mount the switch and hook it up to your lighting coil or a battery, the pump
requires 12 volts. Note the polarity so the pump pumps OUT.
3. Rout the fuel line from the pump to the in-line valve then to the exhaust pipe.
4. Make or buy a nozzle.  I used a 2" length of 1/8" O.D. metal tubing with a
washer brazed at midpoint.  You could also buy a brass "nozzle" as shown on the
photo page (see panel below)
5. Drill a hole in the exhaust pipe just before it enters the muffler.  Insert the nozzle,
secure it with the hose clamp (I drilled a hole in the metal band just big enough to
accept the nozzle).
6. Push the fuel line tubing over the free end of the nozzle and secure it.

1. Fill the reservoir with "smoke oil" (Super-Dri from a hobby shop or a mixture of
3 parts Super-dri and 1 part diesel fuel)
  transmission fluid)
2. Start the engine and let it warm up
3. Turn on the pump.
4. Turn on the valve.
5. Suddenly you're smokin'!!
6. It is more impressive when flying.

1. Don't insert the nozzle in one of the exhaust monifold taps where the EGT
probes go, smoke oil will get sucked back into a 2-stroke engine and cause
destructive over-reving.
2. Placing the nozzle at the tailpipe will work but is not as effective as the location
just in front of the muffler.
3. Smoke is very impressive and provides that extra bit of showmanship for our
fly-bys and straffing passes as we machine-gun the enemy.
4. Close the shut-off valve when done to prevent siphoning the oil int the muffler

I wish you success in this addition to your plane, let me know how it works out for
you.  I have a great time with it and it looks fantastic on video tape!! Yahoo!!   
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